Quaderna Table

table / writing desk
Honeycomb core structure coated with white plastic laminate, silk-screen printed with black squares at 3 cm spacing.

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This table, designed by Superstudio-group founded in Florence by Adolfo Natalini and Cristiano Toraldo of France in 1966 - is part of the histograms: objects constructed on the basis of a spatial lattice orthogonal grid, which can be adapted to different scales, from design in the planning. Quaderna falls within the scope of the Radical Design, which contested in an open net and not only the state of design in the late '60s, but the social context in which designers worked. Zanotta introduced this product in 1970 and is still producing. The table is characterized by very strict geometry: simple shapes and perfect. There are three different versions of dimensions, with both square and rectangular shelves. All surfaces, including those of the legs are finished with a laminate squared (the side of the square is 3 cm). The tables Quaderna are part of a wide range of products, with a similar grid, which also includes stools, consoles, beds and wardrobes.

Gold Medal International M.I.A. 1,971

Design: Superstudio

Designed in: 1970

Produced by: Zanotta

  • Altezza 72 cm