Reale table

Table. Glass top with bevelled edges, thickness 15 mm. Frame in natural or dyed in various colors.

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Edition of prestige by Zanotta. Offering since 1991 a series of historical pieces of the brilliant architect Carlo Mollino, cult figure among the admirers of Italian creativity, creator of the Royal table designed for the insurance company of the same name in 1946. One of the most original and appreciated the production of the Turin. The result of a refined study of the structural and stripping sections of the support on strain: theme among the favorites of the designer from Turin. Beautiful as a desk, perfect for lunch, Reale table is the result of a unique blend of the elaborate wooden base oak inspiration Aeronautics and rigorous glass often an inch and a half. The set is quite impressive: in fact in a Christie's auction an original piece has popped up a record $ 3.8 million.

Designer: Carlo Molino

Year of design: 1946

Produced by Zanotta

  • Larghezza 180/200/220
  • Altezza 72 cm.
  • Depth 90