Shipping is free on any purchase from 180 €. To enjoy free shipping:
The order must be of at least 180 € for each shipping address;
Delivery time may vary according to products size and according to the availability of the item in stock:
Delivery of voluminous objects may take 4/5 business days and it is operated by a specialized trained courier;
Days of delivery stated for each item are business days, so holidays and extended holidays are not included.

Days from 1st to 27th August will not be calculated in the delivery time.

Products in stock will be shipped regularly, except from 1st to 27th August.
Products in stock can be picked up in-store, by appointment with a member of our staff. 

Fragile items will travel with a shipping insurance.

Delivery on street level and Assembling.

Deliveries are to be intended on street level: Products will not be delivered on the Customer's floor and we will not take any trade-in. 

The majority of our Products is delivered in pre-assembled form: final assembly is usually very easy and generally consists of assembling determined pieces.

On delivery, the Customer must verify the content of the package, the conformity and state of the Product(s). Fedele Home recommends verifying the overall state of the Product(s) before signing the delivery note. In particular, the Customer must verify that:

- number of parcels corresponds to that stated in the enclosed delivery note;

- package is intact, neither damaged nor wet or adulterated, and the content undamaged.

Should the Customer note any anomalies, delivery of the Products must be refused or detailed reserves must be put in writing and dated. Reserves expressed by the Customer must be notified to the courier by registered mail in 3 (three) days following the delivery. A copy must be sent to Fedele Home.

Once the Customer signs the delivery note with no "reserve", he/she will not be able to question the external conditions of the delivered Product. Issues about integrity, correspondence or completeness of the Products received must be notified within three 3 (three) from the delivery.

Fedele Home reserves the right to deliver the Products through a courier selected by the Customer.

All deliveries will take place on street level.

Special delivery terms and conditions must be previously agreed between the Customer and Fedele Home, and accepted in writing by Fedele Home.

In case the Products could not be delivered to the address provided by the Customer during the order process, the courier will leave a note stating address and method for collecting the package. If the Customer does not collect the package within the deadline indicated by the courier, Products will have to be returned carriage paid to Fedele Home, that reserves the right to refund the Customer for the price of the Product, minus charges for shipping.

In the event of an error during the delivery, the Customer is in charge of returning the Product(s) to Fedele Home within 7 (seven) days from delivery, in the original and intact packaging, with its delivery note.

Once the Product is received in its correct form, Fedele Home will send at its own expenses the Product initially ordered.