List of products by supplier: Simon

Ultrarazionale is a collection that had a specific aim: even its name was a declaration on intent. Gavina, who was already a leading figure in the world of design in the period from the fifties to the sixties, was one of the first to realise that Rationalism had its limits, and saw the need to overcome these, coming up with something that went a little further. What he came up with was a line of furniture which he named "ultrarazionale" with a precise idea in mind: the aim of taking things "further" liberating his pieces from the strict confines of the Modern Movement. It was Dino Gavina who realised the full potential of Carlo Scarpa on seeing his architecture, taking from this work its total modernity and applying it to the manufacturing processes, taking full advantage of his inventive genius, allowing only a hint of the original ideas to show through in the finished products. The first step in a long series of products was the production of the Doge table. Dino Gavina uncovered in one of Scarpa's lesser works, the first tangible signs of compatibility with his "ultra - Rational" designs, finding in his work prophetic signals that the time was now ripe for going beyond the stringency of cold Rationalism. In this new regime all design parameters were now pushed to their limits.
The Ultrarazionale Collection includes: Doge, Sarpi, Orseolo, Valmarana, Delfi, Cornaro, Pitagora... still currently in production, products now no longer available include Gritti, Gonzaga, Tiepolo and Novalis.

In 1971 Dino Gavina, daringly broke away from the confines of previous trends by taking works of art and making them into “functional” pieces of furniture, creating a whole new line of furniture for Simon called Ultramobile, and finding surprising new ways to adapt Surrealist pieces, converting them into everyday household objects. With pieces which are now known by all - Magritta, Le Temoin, Ron Ron, Les grands trans-Parents, Fausto, Traccia, Costantin, Margarita, Saccoalato, Lorenz – Ultramobile was on the side of people’s imagination: not getting into a debate with the Euclidean geometry with the image of houses offered by functional Rationalism,...but rather, offering an intelligent answer as to how to fill spaces, adding fantasy to geometric lines, finding something that went beyond this strict obedience to rules, like a flash of lightning, finding a surprising new way to light up the room...

Simon, today, is a brand by Estel S.p. A.